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Miva to Drupal

var test;
function myFunction(var1){
  return val;

Drupal vs. WordPress: Practical Application

In my last post we reviewed some of the broader implications of these excellent frameworks. In this installation of my weekly series we will discuss practical application of these frameworks as it relates to caching and user access. I know for some of you this may make your head spin, but believe me it’s important, and you’ll see why.


Drupal vs. Wordpress

If you have much experience with either of these frameworks, chances are that you’ve heard the arguments before. Well, I’m not going to pick a favorite, so if you’re looking for an answer, look somewhere else. I’m just going to point out some strengths of both to help you better decide which of these best suits your needs.

Tale of the Tape:

Facebook PHP SDK

These posts are intended for someone with a firm grounding in PHP, CSS, and HTML in need of a roadmap to connect their site to facebook. (jQuery is used for the sake of ajax calls, so it’s helpful to know.)

If you’ve spent any time trying to use Facebook connect, you have probably learned two things… You really want it to work, and sometimes it will do what you need it to… Not a glowing review I know, but I’ve spent many an hour integrating Facebook into websites, and I finally have the important stuff (mostly) figured out.

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